About SCO partnership advantages
11.10.2012 17:36

Speech of secretary of SCO Business council Sergey Kanavskiy at Energy Dialogue Russia-EU , which took place in European Parliament (Brussels, October, 1-2)

For many years we participate in Energy Dialogue Russia European Union. So now we can confidently say that the level, the contingent quality is constantly increasing. I hope that this tendency will stay in the future and let us regard this ground as one of the most effective for discussion of energy cooperation problems between Russia and European countries. Our partnership with Europe is rather complex. We have pretty many problems. And during the event we heard a lot of appeals for Russia to pay attention at the eastern sector of its economic targeting. But Russia is not idle at all. It has very serious determination to develop the eastern direction, I assure you, the rather that this field of activity is almost endless.

Our eastern partners - the countries which develop quickly and are included in SCO, like India, China and Kazakhstan, - perfectly understand and pragmatically evaluate Russian abilities in the field of energy sources. They also realize that our country is the main partner in such a vital part of economic partnership as energy industry. Why am I so sure? By the initiative of Russian government, with interest from China, Kazakhstan and other countries, now an active formation of SCO Energy Club is taking place. This structure includes the countries with their own sources, the countries which transport petroleum and import it. They clearly understand that its necessary to come to concession and make a system for a stable long-term work.

We must stress that China perfectly understands its tasks and conducts an active policy in SCO concerning question of partnership in energy field. In order to create Energy club the work group is organized which includes government representatives, businessmen, scientists and experts. The stake is on complex approach for working out of a strategy which will take into account interests of all parties. What are the partnership advantages of SCO? They are in clear understanding by all countries of good and bad sides of every system, of all strong and weak points, and these countries try not to let happen the situations, which can appear in the process of realization of the third packet of European Energy Charter.

For example, nobody gives tasks to create petroleum traffic system to the companies which never did it before and dont know how to do it. Every participant has some advantages and some weak points, and now we try to consider all possibilities and to create stable and highly efficient system. Its main goal will be not to create fake working places but to use effectively the possibilities of energy partnership. It is this system which will allow us to make socially responsible business. Russian companies understand this task and try to be extremely attractive to other actors in the system. They create real working places, organize professional education, build schools and kindergartens and houses for those who work with petroleum extraction and logistics.

I call to close cooperation, to increasing of information traffic connected with cooperation. The law-makers shouldnt close up in their circle of law-making, but they should understand that engines of the whole strategy are state interests and business interests which must be taken into account. I would also like to say, that my speech goes in consistency with the topic of energy partnership. SCO seems to have another, eastern geographic vector, but there are examples when western companies fit well into economic activity of the Organization, they take part in SCO projects as part of stateprivate partnership.

Together with German experts we build transport and logistics hub in Chelyabinsk region, for example. Companies which cooperate in SCO clearly see main advantages of western technologies, innovative methods and principles of projects realization. One needs to offer the best of everything and not to be scared of collaboration with us. It was said that Europe had always had its own pioneering spirit which is lost today. But it should be revived for the benefit of everybody.