Altay SCO forum – a unique ground for the young businessmen dialogue
07.11.2014 10:00

Youth SCO forum became one of the central events in the chronicle of SCO life this year. The idea to gather young businessmen from different countries in Altay region was supported by Russian president Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Council of state heads - SCO members. The arrangers of the Forum were SCO Business club, SCO Youth Council, Altay region authorities, Association of young businessmen of Russia and Russian youth association.

As its participants think, the results of this Forum exceeded all expectations. A small resort Belokuriha accepted more than 550 guests from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, Mongolia and from other countries – SCO members. As the arrangers thought, the forum had to become a place for discussion and direct communication between young businessmen and “business sharks” of SCO countries. They discussed such topics as “good neighbouring, non-violence and dialogue», «transboundary touristic routes», «green economy», «near-border trade», «transport corridors».

The forum became a huge ground for young businessmen from different countries to discuss common problems and to start their communication. It was devoted to youth business activity and near-border cooperation, but range of topics wasn’t limited to these fields. They talked about increase of universities role in the countries of SCO and about perspectives of the unique transnational high school– SCO University, about development of tourism, of electronic trade grounds, about the work of international summer school of the students from Big Altay, and about educational programs for business.

«Various sections were conducted during the Forum, says the leader of Russian national part of SCO youth council Denis Kravchenko. – We had grounds for negotiations, where we tried to create the best atmosphere for negotiations so that people could use their time here in the most effective way. Speakers had an hour and a half each, and they were speaking about how their business had appeared and developed, which difficulties they had faced, which perspectives did they have, what were the best models to start business with, what were the principles of deal lifetime, etc. I’m sure that this educational part of the program helped many participants to find ideas about their own business».

A famous businessman Igor Kubanov, the owner of popular “Bystrov” brand, founder and president of transnational corporation “Arman”, producer of digital conference circuit “Armtel” Serikbay Bisekeev and founder Business-Youth project Mikhail Dashkiev shared the secrets of their success with the young colleagues.

All participants of the forum shared their ideas, realization of which could broaden the bounds of cooperation within SCO youth Council. Among them were such as musical contest SCO-Vision – a kind of EuroVision analogue, - and joint culinary show in SCO-countries, as well as single Internet-space and single discount card for young people.

And at the presentation–workshop of business-incubators representatives of SCO countries in Biisk an offer about a united bank of patent ideas and developments was announced. An idea about creation of intergovernmental commission for forming of industry clusters and implementation of highly technological production was announced. One of the ideas which resonated with the audience was the annual SCO youth forum in Altay region.

And at the end of each day there were presentations of the brightest projects. Among them were Altay biopharmaceutical cluster, handicrafts of Altay region and “Scientific schools and educational programs of SCO countries”. The scientific schools and educational programs were presented, students of Altay State University defended their projects.

«I’m sure that SCO countries have great perspectives and positive future, and it’s the young generation which will build it, - Russian president Vladimir Putin said in his greeting speech to SCO youth forum. – I sincerely hope that this forum will become a significant input in mutual understanding growth, and increase of mutual respect and reliability between our countries and peoples, and it will help further strengthening of SCO role as of influential international organization».

Altay forum proved that all these hopes were real. The first meeting of young businessmen of SCO countries was excellent. And now the main thing is to develop this success in the coming years.

The organizers thank the companies that have shown themselves to be reliable partners in the SCO Youth Forum: “Noveks” commercial network, NTC “Galex, “Zernobank”, JSC “Belokurikha resort” and the leading brands of Altai - “Evalar”and “Altai bouquet”