"People are polite as kings in the city of Sun and genii..."
23.03.2015 12:30

The air of narrow streets of Bukhara is filled with legends and everything here have a smell of history. Each stone in the walls of old mosques and in the carved minarets keeps its secret. Ancient Bukhara is the arts and crafts center, a birthplace of philosophers, scientists and poets, who celebrated the city in their works.

In the Middle Ages a famous Venetian traveler Marco Polo said about Bukhara that people are polite as kings in the city of the Sun and genii. Even now, in XXI century, people of Bukhara are known for their kindness and tactfulness. As a huge magnet, Bukhara attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, who come to see it and feel it. Charming view of architectural complexes will forever remain in the heart of any person who once visited the ancient land.

Today Bukhara is one of the regional centers of Uzbekistan, a home to 300.000 people of more than 30 nationalities. Antiquity and modernity get along here, the city keeps its harmonious look and its every corner is unique and mysterious. In 2010 a monument called Ancient but forever young Bukhara appeared on one of the squares as the initiative of Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov.

For the last two decades more than hundred of architectural monuments of the city entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Such monuments as Samanid mausoleum, Kalyan minaret, Lyabi-khauz, Sitora-I-Mokhi Hosa Palace, Sheikh Jalal city gates and sacred places Khoja Ismat Bukhori, Fatkhobod, Bkhishtiyon, Abu Khavs Kabir were successfully reconstructed. Other ancient city gates Namazgoh, Shergiron, Uglon and Mazari Sharif will be reconstructed soon. The city itself is a museum and its ancient spirit stimulates dynamic growth of tourism.

There are more than 70 touristic organizations in the city now, and about the same amount of private hotels, - says Akhmad Khusainov, chairman of the board of Bukhortourist company. Last year more than 60 thousands of tourists from neighboring countries and beyond used their services. We accept guests from Russia, USA, Japan and Korea, Pakistan and Uruguay, Malaisia, Italy and Spain, France and Germany.

Tourism helps to develop such fields as arts and crafts, and this means more workplaces. Professional college of tourism in Bukhara prepares young people for professional work in this industry. This year 170 graduates got workplaces in the city hotels.

Rare pieces of architecture, which were built during many centuries, are the creation of painstaking human work and creative imagination of great masters. Magnificent architectural ensembles Poi Khalon, Lyabi-Khauz, Bolo-Khauz, Registan square, Ark Citadel, Chashmai-Iy-Ayub and Samanid mausoleums, Sitora-I-Mokhi Hosa Palace, Chor-Bakr and Bakhoud-din Nakshband necropoleis impress people and awaken strong feelings in any soul.

One of the inherent parts of city look are the monuments created by modern architects, which depict great citizens of Bukhara, including a famous doctor Abu Ali ibn Sinna (Avicenna), writers and educators Abdurauf Fitrat, Sdriddin Aini and Akhmad Donish.

And of course it was impossible to leave aside famous Khoja Nasretdin Afandi, a wise hero of national legends and citizen of Bukhara! This sarcastic old man with a sharp tongue is still alive his adventures still attract readers and his sneering though deeply philosophical words live their own life in the language.

His sculptures are delicately fit into general ensemble of the city and give it a very special national flavour.