China did not confirm Trump's words about refusing "two frosts" on the Korean Peninsula
16.11.2017 20:39

The Chinese government still considers the initiative to freeze the North Korean nuclear missile program in exchange for the suspension of joint military exercises by the United States and the Republic of Korea with the most flexible and rational approach to resolving the nuclear problem of the Korean peninsula. So the official representative on Thursday at a briefing commented on the statement of US President Donald Trump that, as a result of negotiations with President Xi Jinping, they, according to the American leader, decided to abandon this initiative.

"I believe that the" two frosts "initiative is the most flexible and rational proposal in the current situation," the diplomat said. "It will help not only to defuse the current tense situation, but also to resolve the most acute concerns of the relevant parties in the security sphere provide opportunities and create conditions for the resumption of peace talks and work out a way out of the current impasse," he said. "I intend to emphasize that the initiative of" two frosts "is only the first step, and not the ultimate goal," Gen Shuang continued.

"Only by removing the legitimate fears of all parties in the security sphere and through dialogue we can find a fundamental solution to the problem." For this purpose, China proposed the initiative "two frosts," the diplomat said. "I intend to emphasize that military means are not a solution to the problem, and international the community reached a consensus on this issue, "he concluded.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump, speaking to the White House following his Asian tour, said that Beijing and Washington agreed not to use the "freeze in exchange for freezing" approach to resolving the DPRK nuclear issue. Xi Jinping acknowledged that nuclear-armed North Korea poses a serious threat to China, and we agreed that we do not accept the so-called freeze agreement in exchange for freezing, like those who have failed in the past, he noted. - All options for action [regarding the DPRK] are being considered." According to the American leader, the two heads of state agreed that "time is running out" to solve the problem around the Korean peninsula.