Trump called all countries to break off trade ties with the DPRK
16.11.2017 21:19

The US calls on all countries, including Russia and China, to unite to isolate the DPRK until Pyongyang stops its "dangerous provocations". This was stated on Wednesday by the President of the United States Donald Trump, speaking in the White House on the results of his major Asian tour.

"I called on all countries, including China and Russia, to isolate the North Korean regime together, severing all trade and economic ties with it until it stops its dangerous provocations," he said. According to the head of state, this is "the key to denuclearization."We need to denuclearize North Korea," Trump said.

The US president again announced that Washington refused "a failed policy of strategic patience." As a result, we are already seeing important progress, including tough new sanctions from the UN Security Council," the American leader recalled, adding that South Korea together with the US, imposed its restrictions against those who sponsors the DPRK's nuclear and missile programs.

"Together we reaffirm our commitment to a campaign of maximum pressure," Trump stressed.