Xinhua: China and Russia play a constructive role in resolution of acute international and regional problems
08.06.2018 15:20

In recent years, China and Russia closely co-operate on the global stage, counteracting together against the global instability, proposing common view and common solutions to maintain international peace and security.

Xi Jinping, the President of China and Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia exchange the visits every year, as well as often meet at such multi-party platforms as G20, BRICS, SCO and APEC. Close dialog of two heads of states demonstrates high level of political trust and strategic co-operation of China and Russia, as well as became an important platform for coordinating positions and strengthening co-operation on a number of important international problems.

China and Russia relationship is based on a mutual respect. Two countries are also committed to jointly facilitate equitable intercourse members of the international community, appeal to respect social models and paths of development that were independently chosen by different countries, oppose interference in the internal affairs of the other countries, support the civilizational diversity in the world.

Today, "global village" becomes more and more interdependent, and, at the same time, complex and deep changes of international and regional situation take place, new issues and challenges keep appearing. Facilitating global fairness, maintaining peace and stability in the region and globally not only is an important component of the Chinese-Russian relations of the comprehensive partnership and strategic co-operation, but also is an historical responsibility and obligation of China and Russia Ц large powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council.

China and Russia maintain effective coordination and co-operation on resolution of the issues of Korean Peninsula, Syria, Afghanistan and other crisis spots, remain committed to settlement of the disputes and discords through dialog and consultations.

China and Russia are the neighbors of DPRK, as well as members of six-party negotiations on a nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula. To promote a peaceful solution of the nuclear issue on the peninsula, China came up with the idea of "double freezing" of missile and nuclear activity of DPRK and major joint military exercises of the USA and Republic of Korea, as well as a plan of "parallel movement" to denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and creating of peaceful co-operation mechanisms on the peninsula. Russia also proposed a phased settlement plan. On this basis, China and Russia developed a realistic road map, which facilitates improvement of the situation on the peninsula and creation of more favorable negotiation conditions.

Currently, the evidently positive changes of the situation on the peninsula follow this road map. China and Russia will continue coordination in terms of this issue, maintain contacts with other concerned parties, perform complex work on promoting dialog and negotiations together, protect peace and stability on the peninsula and in the region.

After USA, France and Great Britain performed a military strike against Syria, the UN Security Council voted on the resolution proposed by Russia condemning that strike. Ma Chzhaosui, the China's United Nations Ambassador, noted that Beijing permanently opposes the use of military force in the international relations, respects sovereignty, independence and territory inviolability of all countries. Any unilateral military action bypassing the Security Council violate objectives and principles of the UN Chart, contradict the international law and basic standards of the international relations, and simply make the situation in Syria more complex. Basing on this principled position, China supported the resolution proposed by Russia.

As note in the published on July 4, 2017 joint statement of China and Russia on situation in the world and important international issues, in a matter of chemical weapons in Syria all parties shall, observing the sovereignty of Syria, support the efforts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and related UN bodies in terms of performing independent and comprehensive investigation aimed at obtaining incontrovertible evidences, establish actual facts and make conclusions that can withstand the test of facts and time.

As for the Iranian nuclear issue, China and Russia speak with a single voice that implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action facilitates enforcement of the regional and international security, as well as the Global Nuclear Non-proliferation regime, meets the interests of the entire global community. They appeal to maintain sustainable, comprehensive and effective execution of the Plan of Action, declare a commitment to continue close co-operation on its implementation.

Considering the situation in Afghanistan, China and Russia share the same view that facilitation of the process of reconciliation, "headed and performed by Afghans" is a real way of achieving long-term order and stability. Two countries maintain contacts and co-operation in terms of Afghanistan issue in bilateral and multilateral formats, as well as declared a readiness to provide reasonable assistance in improving Afghanistan national security force performance, peaceful reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

It is worth noting that China and Russia demonstrate to the world an example of international relations of a new type, based on mutual respect, fairness and mutually beneficial co-operation, make the efforts to build a more fair and rational multi-polar world order and form a community with a single destiny for the entire manhood.

On the background of the complex international situation, China and Russia will reinforce the co-operation, promote process of political settlement of the international and regional issues together with various parties in order to make a considerable contribution to ensuring lasting peace, universal security, mutual prosperity, openness and inclusivity all over the planet.