Participants of the “SCO Moscow Business Dialogue” summed up the forum
08.02.2019 16:30

The VII International Business Forum “SCO Moscow Business Dialogue” took place in the Russian capital. The event was organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Business Council Secretariat with the support of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The participants focused on issues of project cooperation, coordination of national economic development programs, the interaction of medium and small businesses. The Forum was attended by representatives of government bodies, the business community, scientific and expert organizations of the States belonging to the Organization. There are many discussion platforms in the system of the Shanghai organization, among which the “SCO Moscow Business Dialogue” occupies a special place. It opens up opportunities for business contacts to entrepreneurs not only from the Shanghai G8 countries but also to businessmen from states that have observer status and dialogue partners.

The forum is open to business people from other countries who are interested in the economic projects of the SCO. The purpose of the forum is the development of multilateral business communications, the promotion of mutual interest, the expansion of business contacts between entrepreneurs. The conference was attended by Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for SCO Affairs Bakhtiyor Khakimov, Executive Secretary of the SCO Business Council Sergey Kanavsky, Director of the SCO Business Club Denis Tyurin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development Denis Kravchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Russian national part of the SCO Business Council, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Bashkortostan Azat Fazlyev, Head of the Russian Representative Office of the Committee for International Trade Promotion of China Xu Jinli, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and Interna

tional Relations of Moscow Sergey Cheremin, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Vladimir Padalko, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Stepanyan and others. The discussion participants touched upon a wide range of issues, including increasing the efficiency of economic cooperation of the SCO countries, suggested practical ideas related to the preparation and implementation of joint projects in the field of transport infrastructure, investments, telecommunications, and financial development. The forum included a series of roundtables on various areas of economic cooperation. Moderator of the section “International projects in the field of transport and logistics: growth points/ development routes”, the President of the Riga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Fedorov said when summing up the work: “we discussed a number of issues during the roundtable. One of them is the concept of a Smart City. There is a proposal to create a permanent coordination meeting within the SCO to exchange experience and best practices in the transport and logistics sector.” “we raised serious issues related to the promotion of goods on electronic platforms in Russia, China, and other SCO countries,” — noted the moderator of the section “Electronic commerce and the formation of networks of macro trading platforms: from online to offline”, expert of the SCO Business Council Secretariat, head of the project on electronic commerce Olim Alimov, — “A lively discussion took place, since the issues of promotion of goods today concern many people: manufacturers, representatives of trading houses, importers. Much attention was paid to the Chinese market — the largest market for both offline and online promotion of products.”

Section participants supported the proposal to create a system of professional trading for specialists in each field, where they will be able to integrate their knowledge and skills. “This is necessary for all who follow the information and want to understand where to go further in the production and promotion of goods,” said Alimov.

The work of the third section was devoted to the issue of fake news and was called “Objective information and modern media technologies in international business communications: trust space vs fake news.” The section was moderated by the director of the SCO Business Club, Denis Tyurin. “we discussed how the SCO countries will be able to jointly resist information attacks, primarily in the economic sphere.

The participants supported the idea to form a common center of expertise with the involvement of the largest national media of the SCO countries and specialists in various fields to counteract the spread of fake news and offer to explore this initiative to the SCO Youth Council,” said Turin. The outcome of the SCO Moscow Business Dialogue Forum was the adoption of a document addressed to the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and personally to the SCO Secretary General.