SCO summit: milestone event in Kyrgyzstans political life
04.06.2019 16:05

The SCO summit, which will take place in the capital of Kyrgyzstan in the middle of June, is certain to become a milestone event in the countrys political life. It is a great responsibility for the republic and a real chance to assert itself and demonstrate its potential.

For former Soviet republics, the SCO is an organization of common mentality. A compact regional nature and an established mechanism of cooperation in the areas of economics, education, culture and security create a unique opportunity for development.

Central Asian nations, including Kyrgyzstan, attach particular importance to the implementation of large projects within Xi Jinpings One Belt, One Road initiative, which has received broad support not only among the SCO member states, but, as the latest developments have shown, in Europe, the Middle East, Indo-China, Japan and South Korea. These are advanced transport communications, power grids, gas pipelines, industrial enterprises and development of trade along the New Silk Road.

Cooperation within the SCO is especially important for Kyrgyzstan, which has chosen development of hydropower, mining and agriculture as its strategic priorities. Development of these segments requires big investments and sales markets. Cooperation within the SCO may help the country to both attract significant capital and find markets for selling its agricultural produce, excess of electricity and products of the mining industry. State-of-the-art transport communications, including railways, that are starting to connect the republic with all the neighboring countries open great prospects for trade along the entire Silk Road.

Drastic changes have taken place in the system of international relations in the 21st century. The geopolitical reality has raised the role of Central Asia in the system of global security. Kyrgyzstan, like all SCO member states, views the process of globalization and national interests not as mutually excluding, but as complementary structural elements of the evolving world order. Transnational threats can be effectively countered only through concerted efforts of the international community.

Kyrgyzstan views the SCO as a great platform for pursuing its foreign policy and developing economy, culture, social and humanitarian contacts.

The SCO summit in Bishkek will bring together influential politicians and top-ranking government officials presidents and prime ministers who seldom come to one country simultaneously. The Kyrgyz capital is also looking forward to hosting the meeting of Secretaries of Security Councils, the Council of Foreign Ministers, the Council of Defense Ministers, and numerous cultural and humanitarian events, including the SCO Media Forum, a photo exhibition, the International Marathon, and the SCO Business Forum. All guests will receive a warmest welcome.

We view the SCO as a platform for establishing mutually trusting relations and developing cooperation, said President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov at a meeting of the SCO Secretaries of Security Councils in Bishkek on May 15, 2019. The SCOs authority is growing stronger every year. The Organization is founded on the unity of member states, trusting partnership and mutual respect.

The coming summit will specifically focus on strengthening the SCOs authority on the international stage, mounting cooperation in fight against terrorism, extremism and illegal drug trafficking, expanding political, trade, economic, cultural, humanitarian and investment cooperation, the Kyrgyz leader said.

An important item on the agenda will be protection of the SCO against new threats, especially terrorism and extremism.

They prevent ordinary people from living in peace, feeling confident about tomorrow and developing under favorable conditions. Their goals are totally opposite to the interests of our countries, the president emphasized. Substantial results in the fight against contemporary threats and challenges can be achieved only through consistent and systemic work, and only through joint, concerted efforts.