Russia to help Tajikistan to reconstruct Nurekskaya HPS
03.02.2009 09:32
Russian specialists are conducting an important technical operation at Nurekskaya HPS in Tajikistan: a new impeller is being installed. This unit weighing about 65 tons was delivered to Dushanbe by air from Russia. It was transported to Nurek by special cargo tractors.

Nurekskaya HPS Deputy Chief Engineer Davliatbek Salolov is assured that impeller replacement by Russian specialists will extend the station operation by 30-50 more years. He noted that the unit will be ready to work in April. Within the next two years, according to him, another four impellers must be replaced at the station. According to plan, all HPSТ units remanufacturing will be carried out till 2015.

Nurekskaya HPS generates about 70% of electric power consumed in Tajikistan.