Russia to Help Kirghizia with Schoolbooks
04.02.2009 13:45
Russias ambassador in the Republic of Kirghizia Valentin Vlasov while passing the schoolbooks to the Bishkek secondary school No. 62 told that Russia will help Kirghizia to publish schoolbooks in the Russian language.

We have received from Russia forty thousands books and three thousands of them we are giving to your school. Soon we are waiting for another large lot of books from Moscow Government, and some of them will be surely delivered to your library, the ambassador told pupils and their teachers. Moreover, there is an arrangement between our Ministries of Education on schoolbooks publishing here in Kirghizia. The Russian party is ready to appropriate funds not only for books printing, but also for their design.

Vice Mayor of Bishkek Elmira Imanalieva noted that assistance rendered by Russia to the Kirghiz educational system, is absolutely invaluable. Now we need most of all natural science and foreign languages textbooks.