The Working Group Session on the SCO Transit Potential Development was Held in Beijing
17.04.2009 12:43
On the base of the SCO Secretariat the Fifth Special Working Group Session on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states transit potential development was held in the Chinese capital city.

In the course of the meeting the progress of the pilot projects implementation was discussed - synchronous construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of motor road sections en -40 route, situated on the territory of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

An important significance of construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of motor road sections entering the corridors Andizhan-Osh-Saritas-Irkeshtam-Kashgar, BratstvoDushanbe-Djirgital- Karamyk- Irkeshtam-Kashgar and reconstruction of a transshipment terminal in Kashgar for multimodal shipping operations organization was mentioned.

Furthemore, a presentation of the intermodal transport logistics international center on the base of Navoi international airport integrated in the Navoi free industrial economic zone was held. A presentation of new big logistics centers was also held in the SCO member states within the framework of the international transit corridor West Europe-West China.

The Special Working Groups plan of operation for 2009-2010 was considered, as well as other questions of mutual interest.

The participants of the session as an exchange of experience acquainted themselves with operation of the new land logistics center in Beijing.