The SCO Summit in Yekaterinburg Started Work
15.06.2009 14:13
In the course of the meeting of the Council of the Heads of the SCO member states being held on June 15-16 of this year in Yekaterinburg, it is planned to summarize the Organization activity during the period from the summit-2008 in Dushanbe, as well as to define priority directions of joint work with the view of imparting new quality and dynamics to SCO.

The expansion of the associations international ties, problems of regional and world policy and economy development will be in the focus of attention of the leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The format of the Council of the Heads of the SCO member states alongside with a traditional private meeting of the Heads of member states for the first time includes the exchange of views with the participation of the leaders of the Organization observer states. At the plenary meeting the President of Afghanistan and representatives of a number of international organizations - UN, CIS, CSTO, EurAsEC will join the discussion.

The Yekaterinburg Declaration is a fundamental political document the Heads of the SCO member states will sign. In this document the present international situation is estimated, the irreversibility of the tendency toward the real multipolarity and the higher significance of a regional aspect in global problems solving is noted. The importance of strengthening the legal foundation of international relations and enhancement of the UN coordinating role in world affairs is stressed. The commitment to principles of maintaining peace on terms of equal security for every single state, as well as the settlement of international and regional conflicts by political and diplomatic measures is confirmed there. The parties will declare their support of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty. The need for the activation of cooperation in the sphere of international finance control and management, promotion of economic stability will be emphasized.

The Declaration states that the international cooperation is a non-alternative instrument in solving urgent problems of modern age, including energy and food security, climatic change, financial crisis; it also notes the need for a more active participation of the SCO member states in the global processes control.

In the Joint Communiqué that will be adopted following the results of the summit, practical steps in the cooperation development in specific areas within the framework of SCO are defined.

Traditionally one of the central places at the summit will be taken by the problems of stability and security assurance in the SCO area. The Presidents of the six states will sign the SCO Convention against terrorism a document developing the Organizations regulatory and legal framework in accordance with the necessities of the times and the changing specific character of new challenges and threats.

The leaders approval of the Provision of SCOs political and diplomatic measures and response mechanisms to the situations imperiling the peace, security and stability in the region will be of important significance for the coordination of the association participants positions and actions in case of extraordinary circumstances.

Special attention will be given to the cooperation on the Afghan track, particularly, to the implementation of the Plan of Action of the SCO member states and Afghanistan on combating terrorism, illicit drug trafficking and organized crime adopted at the special conference on Afghanistan that was held on March 27, 2009 in Moscow under the aegis of SCO. The active discussion, including that in the context of the global financial crisis and its consequences minimization, is expected regarding the issues of socio-economic cooperation, above all in such areas as energy, transport, trade, modern information technologies etc. In the field of humanitarian cooperation in the focus of attention there will be issues of cooperation promotion in the spheres of science, culture, education, health care, youth exchange.

Practical confirmation of SCO's openness will become taking a decision by the heads of state on granting the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Sri Lanka the SCO dialogue partner status.

Upon completion of the summit in Yekaterinburg the SCO chairmanship will pass to Uzbekistan. Russia intends to render its Uzbek partners every kind of assistance in this honorable mission execution.

In the margins of the summit in Yekaterinburg a number of meetings between the President of the Russian Federation and his colleagues from other states is scheduled.