Islam Karimov Called on to Create a Contact Group to Solve the Afghan Problem
16.06.2009 17:12
The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov came forward with an initiative to create under the aegis of UN a new international mechanism for the Afghan problem solving six plus three.

We are persuaded that the creation under the aegis of UN a contact group consisting of authorized representatives of the six states directly adjoining Afghanistan as well as representatives of Russia, the USA, and NATO would contribute to the Afghan problem solving, said Karimov, speaking at the SCO summit in Yekaterinburg.

It is extremely important to show full respect, I emphasize, full respect for deep historical and ethnodemographic background of multinational people of Afghanistan, for all confessions, traditional values of Islam, to build the necessary consensus thereupon and on basis of dialogue inside Afghanistan, the President of Uzbekistan underlined. The new contact group would become an important advisory diplomatic body, on the base of which it would be possible to reach a consensus both inside and around Afghanistan.