MFA of Russia: the Summit in Yekaterinburg was Fruitful
22.06.2009 09:30
Russian MFA Spokesman Andrei Nesterenko called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit that was held in Yekaterinburg on June 15-16, fruitful and informative.

One of the main results of the summit became the confirmation the SCO member states mood to continue strengthening the multi-vector cooperation and improvement of collaborative mechanisms within the Organization. In the center of discussion there were questions of the maintenance of security and stability, struggle against new challenges and threats that remain priority for SCO. In Yekaterinburg a number of important documents was signed developing the regulatory and legal framework in this field - Convention against terrorism, Provision of SCOs political and diplomatic measures and response mechanisms to the situations imperiling the peace, security and stability, an Agreement for cooperation in the field of ensuring the international information security, said Andrei Nesterenko.

The official representative of RF MFA noted that special attention at the summit was given to the Afghan subject. The problems of financial and economic crisis were appreciable in the discussion.

The SCO participants expressed an intention to support the development of contacts in the field of culture, education and youth links. There is a good groundwork for this. Suffice it to mention arts festivals, work on the SCO University creation, founding a Youth Council, said Andrei Nesterenko.

He also informed that a decision was made in Yekaterinburg on granting the dialogue partner status to Byelorussia and Sri Lanka. The SCO Secretariat is assigned to prepare and sign with these countries the corresponding memorandums, where the cooperation order and main areas will be fixed.

For Russia this summit was of particular importance because it was completing the annual period of Russias chairmanship of the Organization, and we are glad that the SCO partners positively estimated our work, said Andrei Nesterenko.

After the Yekaterinburg summit the functions of chairmanship of SCO has passed to the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Russian side for its part is ready to render assistance to the Uzbek friends, said Russian MFA Spokesman on June 18 at a briefing.