MEDT of Russia Supports the Idea of the SCO Energy Committee Creation
28.09.2009 13:38
MEDT of Russia supports the idea of creating a special energy committee within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Journalists were told this by Sergey Chernyshev, Director of the Department of External Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation. He did not rule out that this question will be discussed at the regular meeting of the Council of Heads of government of the SCO member states.

Nobody speaks about any analog to OPEC, certain cartel collusion. But we have a common interest in working on this subject, said Chernyshev. He underlined that such a committees main function must be conducting information exchange between its participants and arrangement of conditions for the development and adoption of energy-saving technologies.

The official noted that for the SCO countries the power industry is an important element of competitiveness. Moreover, according to him, this subject is being mainly discussed at present in the bilateral format.

Chernyshev added that for the organization members it is time to place emphasis not only on political, but also economic cooperation.