Russian MFA: The basis of the modern Afghanistan economy was created with the participation of Russia
09.10.2009 14:05
It is not possible to achieve a long-term stabilization of the military and political situation in Afghanistan by military means. It was reported by Russian MFA Spokesman Andrei Nesterenko at a briefing in Moscow, commenting the results of NATOs 8-year campaign in Afghanistan. He said there needs to be a comprehensive approach.

As Andrei Nesterenko explained, this approach should combine irreconcilable extremists liquidation measures; efforts to win rank-and-file members of Taliban, who laid down arms, recognized the Constitution of Afghanistan and parted company with al-Qaeda to side of constituted authorities; to improve locals living standards; eradicate narcocrime; ensure nation-wide consensus on basis of cooperation between the Government and legal opposition.

It is crucial to contribute in every way possible to building-up the Afghan authorities capabilities to independently ensure security in the whole territory of the country, solve key tasks of state development, Nesterenko noted.

The diplomat said that Russia is not going to send its servicemen for participation in military operations in the territory of Afghanistan. In the meantime, Moscow continues to render assistance to ISAF located on this countrys territory and having a mandate of the United Nations Security Council.

Particularly, Russia accorded the USA a right to surface and air transit through its territory of property, including military one, as well as personnel for the American troops needs in Afghanistan. In addition, cooperation has been established in the logistic sphere with Germany, France and Spain.

Afghanistans national cadre, including military and antinarcotics one, has professional training in our country on a grant basis. Last August Russia and Germany, on basis of parity financing, donated two Mi-8 helicopters with medical evacuation equipment for needs of the Ministry of the Interior of Afghanistan.

Russia contributes to the development of higher education in Afghanistan, particularly to restoration and equipping of Kabul Polytechnic Unitversity. Our country has written off over $10 billion of Afghanistans state debt, granted this country humanitarian aid of more than $40 million. With the assistance of Russian specialists the Naglu hydro power station is being restored, which in perspective will provide up to 50% of Kabuls electric power needs, said an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

We are sure that cooperation in Afghanistans socio-economic development could become a good field of our collaboration, including with the USA. Russian specialists have an unrivalled expertise in work on Afghan soil. In point of fact, with their participation the basis of modern Afghanistans economy was created, over 140 most important objects in transport, energy, educational, agricultural sphers, health services were built. We are sure that it would be counterproductive to neglect an opportunity to use such potential, the Russian diplomat underlined.