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Pan Dawei: The world order passes through radical structural changes, which is a challenge for Russia and China
08.06.2018 15:34

 "We do not want to fight anybody, we do not want to embroil anybody in a conflict – we need peace to develop", – said Pan Dawei, Director of the Center for studies of Russia of the University of Shanghai in the interview to Valdai Club, when answering a question on how Russia and China plan to overcome the challenges they face.

The world order passes through radical structural changes, which is a challenge for Russia and China. Previously, a uni-polar system reigned in the world and, as some America experts said, the "end of history" came. This statement does not correspond the reality, though. History keeps developing, there is no end of it.

China and Russia claim for a status of a developed country. Both our countries would like to have favorable conditions for development in order to improve living of the people. So, if we speak of the common strategic goals of Russia and China, that is our strategic goal.

But in order to create peaceful and normal conditions for development of our countries we have to form a fair and transparent world order, which is based on the laws and rules accepted by the international community. That is a common external goal for Russia and China. We do not want to fight anybody, we do not want to embroil anybody in a conflict – we need peace to develop.

There are players in the international arena who think differently: they develop at the expense of others, for which they use their armed forces. This is colonialism. Yes, at the expense of others they created a strong economy and political system. But they violate international rules. When we need mutual respect and recognition of our sovereignty. Should this conditions are observed we are ready to cooperate.

Certainly, not everything is that easy. The Western countries are used to the world that is like cheese – already cut to pieces and shared between them. And the West does not want anybody to challenge this situation. The rule "this slice of cheese is mine" is already set.

The West does not want to see that a main trend today is globalization. Interesting that globalization is not invented by China and Russia. The copyright for this meme belongs to America, however, the author himself does not want now globalization to develop. China insists though that this trend should benefit everybody.

How should we treat current changes, new issues, which appear in modern conditions? How do we solve them? Let's talk the trade wars. China is ready to solve these issues peacefully. We are waiting but the answer is not clear. Which is a challenge as well. From our side, we are ready to be tolerant, but what is the answer they expect from us I do not know. And the ambiguity itself is another challenge for all of us.

Russia and China shall together choose acceptable ways to solve these issues. Certainly, these ways shall be based on the international law and UN instruments.

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