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Third annual youth conference AGORA: SCOLAR Vision
18.12.2020 15:05

On 10 December, Qingdao hosted the third annual youth conference AGORA: SCOLAR Vision as part of the International Technology Transfer Conference.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Sherali Jonon read out greetings from SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov.

Sherali Jonon told the conference participants about the results of SCO activities in the fields of youth affairs, startups and innovation, and entrepreneurship.

He pointed out the important contribution made by the SCOLAR platform under the SCO Secretariat to getting young people from SCO member states involved in SCO activities through the Model SCO interactive game as well as AGORA online and offline research-to-practice conferences. According to him, the recently established SCOLAR online academy deserves special attention and support.

Sherali Jonon underscored that SCO countries will continue putting much effort into tapping the potential of the young people living in the SCO member states.

In conclusion, he expressed hope that such events would lay a firm foundation for implementing the initiative on building an SCO platform for exchanging technologies and experience for the quickest recovery and further development of the SCO countries' economies.

The event included two panel sessions on technology transfer in the SCO area and business development after the pandemic.


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