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SCO Secretariat delegation attended opening of International Technology Transfer Conference
18.12.2020 15:03

On 10 December, a delegation from the SCO Secretariat took part in the opening of the International Technology Transfer Conference in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

SCO Deputy Secretary-General Sherali Jonon greeted conference participants on behalf of SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov. He noted the success achieved by the people's government of Qingdao in establishing practical ties with countries from the SCO family in the field of digital commerce, transport, logistics and technology transfer. He said that this international conference provided an important foundation for developing and promoting regional scientific and technological cooperation amid the continuing pandemic.

Sherali Jonon advised the conference participants on the documents adopted at the meetings of the SCO Heads of State Council and the SCO Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) Council and said that work is underway in the SCO space to deepen cooperation in science and technology, the digital economy, e-trade and artificial intelligence.

The conference participants listened to reports on such topics as Possibilities and Problems of International Cooperation in Science and Technology in the Face of the Pandemic, Ways and Methods of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Cities of the SCO Member States, and The Role and Significance of International Cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Li Keqiang announced the establishment of the Technology Transfer Centre for the SCO member states in Qingdao at the 18th SCO Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) Council meeting in Tashkent on 2 November 2019.


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