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20.10.2020 11:36
SCO Secretariat presents series of cultural and sports events for 2020-2021
19.10.2020 13:32
Chinese Ambassador Urges Canada Not to Grant Asylum to Hong Kong Protesters
15.10.2020 18:12
STATEMENT by the Observer Mission of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on monitoring the preparations for and holding of the presidential election
09.10.2020 14:34
Statement by the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Vladimir Norov on the situation in the Kyrgyz Republic
07.10.2020 17:45
Statement by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s Observer Mission on monitoring the preparations for and holding of elections to the Jogorku Kenes
07.10.2020 17:01
Britain Must Take 'Hard-Headed' Approach to China as Beijing to Rise in Global Economy - Rishi Sunak
07.10.2020 12:04
Carrie Lam Says Hong Kong Nat'l Security Law 'Restored Stability', Slams Western 'Double Standards'
31.08.2020 16:51
About the upcoming webinar: "India - SCO Engagement: The Next Steps"
28.08.2020 14:48
Belarusian President Lukashenko Vows to Retaliate Against Any Possible Sanctions
28.08.2020 14:45
Chinese Military Says Participation in Army Games to Boost Partnership With Russia
Bakhtiyor Khakimov: economic cooperation in SCO needs to catch up with political dialog
07.12.2017 11:47

Economic cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) needs to catch up with the existing political dialog, Bakhtiyor Khakimov, the Russian president’s envoy for SCO affairs and the Foreign Ministry’s ambassador-at-large, said at the international panel conference “Shanghai Cooperation Organization: a promising platform for broad, mutually beneficial cooperation and integration in Eurasia,” which was held at the Russian Economic Development Ministry in October.

Today, after the organization admitted two new full members, India and Pakistan, it is possible to talk about its increased potential and new opportunities, the diplomat explained. Therefore, conversion of this potential and the opportunities into real action is becoming a crucial task, he said.

One of the SCO’s key objectives in the economic sector is implementation of the agreement on creating favorable conditions for truck shipments, Khakimov said. “The agreement was signed and came into force back in 2014, a joint commission was setup to ensure that practical steps were taken. We are now discussing establishment of a center for issuing permits, which will enable us to quickly build interaction in the area of truck shipments on a large territory,” he explained.

Besides, the issues of the Development Bank and the Development Fund of the SCO still remain unresolved, Khakimov said. “The countries’ stances are different on these topics, and we have yet to reach an agreement. But it is obvious for everyone that financial mechanisms are necessary,” he noted.

Economic cooperation within the SCO is developing in two directions, the diplomat pointed out. The first, strategic direction is aimed at combining national development strategies and the potentials of integrative formats, such as the Eurasian Economic Union, the One Belt, One Road initiative and ASEAN.

“The other, more pragmatic direction is about establishing contacts between business communities and, at the same time, between regions instead of industries,” Khakimov said. The Russian initiative of setting up a new SCO Forum of Heads of Region is being developed in this context and has already gained certain support, he added.

“I urge all of us to start working on concrete projects in real life rather than on paper,” he concluded.

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Chinese Ambassador Urges Canada Not to Grant Asylum to Hong Kong Protesters
19.10.2020 13:32
Britain Must Take 'Hard-Headed' Approach to China as Beijing to Rise in Global Economy - Rishi Sunak
07.10.2020 17:01
Chinese Military Says Participation in Army Games to Boost Partnership With Russia
28.08.2020 14:45
India, China, Pakistan Set to Participate in Wargames in Russia Next Month
25.08.2020 16:42
Putin, Berdimuhamedov hold telephone talk
13.05.2020 14:27
SCO Secretary-General meets with President of MODUL University Vienna
12.03.2020 11:51
Erdogan Neglects Relationship With China Pursuing His Own Interests
10.03.2020 16:26
India Attends SCO Working Group on Military Cooperation in Pakistan
25.02.2020 15:12
Tajik Foreign Minister arrives in Moscow on official visit
25.02.2020 14:22
Iran, Russia review bilateral cooperation in SCO
25.02.2020 13:59


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