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How dreams come true: Students from Tajikistans boarding schools visited SCO Headquarters in Beijing
31.08.2017 13:43

On 30 August 2017, the SCO Headquarters inBeijing hosted an open doors day and a meeting betweenthe SCO Secretary-General and the students fromboarding schools ofthe Republic ofTajikistan who are learning aboutChina while traveling alongthe Silk Road.

During a lively and informal conversation, the young people shared their impressions ofwhat they had seen inChina. They were most impressed bythe petrified trees inUrumqi, the ceramic warriors and horses atthe mausoleum ofEmperor Qin Shi Huang inXi'an, the Great Wall ofChina, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City inBeijing. "China is our great neighbour and we are happy that our dream tovisit it has come true," said Madina Sultonova onbehalf ofthe group. "What's most important is that we have made many new friends duringthe trip withwhom we will keep intouch and exchange letters."

"Your visit tothe SCO Headquarters shows your interest inyour future, because you are representatives ofthe SCO generation', who will carry the idea ofthe Shanghai Spirit and its values throughyour entire lives," Rashid Alimov said while greeting the students. "Time will come when you will finish your studies, get the profession ofyour dreams, work forthe benefit ofyour country and contribute tothe common cooperation cause aspart ofSCO member states. You will help bring cultures and civilisations closer together and forge ties betweenpeople who live inthe SCO space," he said.

Mr Alimov answered the students' questions and wished them perseverance inachieving their goals.

Tolib Rakhimov, a nine-form student fromthe Republican Boarding School forParentless Children inthe Yavan Distinct inTajikistan, said that forhim, tosee China and tovisit the SCO Headquarters is a huge excitement and a memory that will remain forever inhis heart. Rokhilai Nurmakhmadzoda, director ofthe Republican Boarding School forParentless Children inKulyab, assured Mr Alimov onbehalf ofthe Tajik students that "the SCO generation will not let you down."

The students were invited toa tour aroundthe buildings ofthe main SCO administrative body, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Charter Marble Hall, halls ofthe SCO capitals; the children were able totake a look atthe symbols ofthe headquarters: the Shanghai Spirit sculpture, the SCO Stone, the SCO Tree, and also experienced walking alongthe SCO Lane and visited the Winter Garden.

Twenty young men and women represent upper-form students fromboarding schools inthe cities and regions ofthe Republic ofTajikistan. Most ofthem have only one parent; some are orphans.

The trip was organised withthe support ofthe Tajik Presidential Executive Office, the Tajik Ministry ofForeign Affairs and Ministry ofEducation and Science, and the Chinese and Tajik diplomatic missions.

The Chinese People's Association forFriendship withForeign Countries was the host party.

The students' trip will conclude on4 September 2017.

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