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Eastern Economic Forum: SCO takes part
07.09.2017 17:29

On 6-7 September, a SCO Secretariat delegation led bySecretary-General Rashid Alimov is attending the Eastern Economic Forum. The Secretary-General's working programme includes his participation inpanel sessions and discussions dedicated totrade and economic interaction inEurasia and the Asia Pacific Region. He has also had a meeting withprofessors, teachers and students fromthe Far Eastern Federal University.

The SCO's role and place inregional economic cooperation was discussed duringthe panel session Partnership forGreater Eurasia: Expanding a Future-Oriented Joint Development Space. The participants noted the SCO's considerable potential and its unique capacity forbuilding a stable system ofinterstate ties inGreater Eurasia.

The panel session was attended byEEC Trade Minister Veronica Nikishina, Russian Ambassador tothe PRC Andrei Denisov, head ofthe Russian Union ofIndustrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin, aswell asprominent experts and political scientists fromRussia, the United States, the Republic ofKorea, and other APR countries.

In his remarks, Rashid Alimov said that "at the turn ofthe centuries, Eurasia has become a space forlarge-scale processes designing a new system ofinterstate cooperation. Practically all countries inthe region inour day and age are involved invarious projects the nature ofwhich varies fromthe classic forms ofintegration toforming joint specialised multilateral mechanisms toaddress specific tasks. Talks betweenthe EAEU and China, the EAEU and ASEAN countries, progress inimplementing the One Belt, One Road concept, aswell asthe development ofversatile interaction withinthe SCO Eight withthe participation ofthe observer states and SCO dialogue partners are emerging asthe core elements ofthis process," SCO Secretary-General stressed.

Participants atthe session were equally ofthe opinion that pooling the potentials and efforts toproduce a synergic effect would facilitate a long-term, stable, inclusive development ofcountries and peoples inEurasia and the Asia Pacific Region. In this connection, Rashid Alimov stressed that "the Greater Eurasian space could constitute a partnership ofregional states united bythe common ideas ofjoint development. However, its fundamental underpinnings can only be built bymultilateral efforts inthe sphere ofpolitics and security, aswell astrade, economic and cultural interaction betweencountries and peoples inthe region."

Eurasian security topics will be discussed indetail atthe panel session Fostering Cooperation fromLisbon toVladivostok on7 September. The SCO Secretary-General is planning totalk aboutthe SCO's best practices and achievements inthe area ofregional security and stability plus the fight againstinternational terrorism, extremist ideology, drug trafficking and transnational organised crime.

The Eastern Economic Forum was established in2014 byan Executive Order ofthe President Vladimir Putin ofthe Russian Federation. The Forum has the status ofan annual event withthe city ofVladivostok asits permanent venue. The main events onthe EEF programme are held atthe campus ofthe Far Eastern Federal University onRussky Island.

The EEF has emerged asa major international event ofmuch political importance and a prestigious and respected business and communicative platform forthe authorities and the business elite fromstates inthe Asia Pacific Region.

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