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11.12.2019 13:58
India Sees Nationwide Protests Over Citizenship Bill, Congress Blames BJP for Dividing Country
09.12.2019 18:17
Pakistan Army Rejects Reports of Joint Border Patrols with Iran
09.12.2019 15:05
Uzbekistan plans to chair SCO in 2022
03.12.2019 18:25
Kashmirs Special Status, a Mess Created by Congress, Says Prime Minister Modi
03.12.2019 18:21
India Claims Terrorist Violence Declined, Cross Border Infiltration Rises After Kashmir Action
02.12.2019 18:19
Chinese Sanctions to Take Effect Against US Human Rights Watch For Backing Violence in Hong Kong
27.11.2019 17:10
Nepal Seeks Full Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Membership Foreign Minister
26.11.2019 15:21
Iran Eyes Closer Scientific Interaction with SCO
28.10.2019 17:39
Chinese premier to visit Uzbekistan, Thailand
26.09.2019 14:42
Turkeys Excuse: Erdogan Chases for Uighurs in Syria
SCO Secretary-General meets with CTO Under-Secretary-General
21.09.2017 13:22

On 20 September 2017, SCO Secretary-General Rashid Alimov met withUnder-Secretary-General ofthe UN Counter-Terrorism Office Vladimir Voronkov onthe sidelines ofthe general debate ofthe 72nd session ofthe UN General Assembly atthe UN Headquarters inNew York. The meeting was also attended bySCO Regional Antiterrorist Structure (RATS) Director Yevgeny Sysoyev.

Mr Voronkov noted the SCO's important role inpreserving peace, stability and security inthe region, SCO member states' achievements and initiatives incombating terrorism and extremism, and cooperation ofthe competent agencies inorganising a wide range ofjoint events inthe SCO RATS framework. He also spoke infavour ofexpanding cooperation betweenthe UN and regional organisations inthis area, and called the SCO one ofthe priority agencies forthe new office, taking intoaccount the organisation's geography.

Mr Alimov congratulated Mr Voronkov onhis "high appointment" and expressed his conviction that the Under-Secretary-General's personal contribution "to coordinating the work ofthe new office will be praised bythe UN member states."

The SCO Secretary-General spoke aboutthe results ofcooperation betweenthe SCO member states inantiterrorism, emphasising that "their efforts are aimed atimplementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, and atthe need toimplement all its four pillars ina comprehensive and balanced way." Mr Alimov updated Mr Voronkov onthe results ofthe Astana summit, inparticular, the adoption ofthe Statement bythe SCO Heads ofState onJoint Counteraction toInternational Terrorism and the Convention onCountering Extremism. Mr Alimov noted that "the SCO and its RATS are open fordialogue and cooperation withspecialised organisations and counterterrorism structures," and stressed the importance ofestablishing close contact withthe UN Counter-Terrorism Office asa priority.

The UN Counter-Terrorism Office is a new UN body established byGeneral Assembly resolution 71/291 of15 June 2017, which has wide powers toimplement the UN General Assembly's antiterrorism mandates.

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Uzbekistan plans to chair SCO in 2022
09.12.2019 15:05
Iran Eyes Closer Scientific Interaction with SCO
26.11.2019 15:21
Chinese premier to visit Uzbekistan, Thailand
28.10.2019 17:39
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23.09.2019 17:45
Russia, India Pledge to Continue Trade, Economic Cooperation With Iran
04.09.2019 17:31
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12.07.2019 16:25
SCO Kunming International Marathon receives IAAF Bronze Label
12.07.2019 16:23
India should clearly demarcate its fundamental interests
08.07.2019 17:57
Sri Lanka expects to become a full member of SCO soon
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