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Kyrgyzstans presidential elections: SCO observer mission begins work
12.10.2017 16:18

On 13 October 2017, a SCO observer mission began work duringthe presidential election inKyrgyzstan atthe invitation ofthe Central Electoral Commission ofKyrgyzstan.

The mission is led bythe SCO Secretary-General.

In the second half ofthe day Rashid Alimov met withChairperson ofthe Central Electoral Commission ofKyrgyzstan Nurjhan Shayldabekova.

During the conversation, the SCO Secretary-General informed the Chairperson aboutthe plans ofthe Mission, which includes representatives ofthe legislative, executive and electoral agencies fromthe SCO member states, aswell asofficials fromthe SCO Secretariat. Mr Alimov noted that "since 2004, 41 SCO missions observed elections, 10 ofthem inKyrgyzstan. Based onits extensive experience, the organisation has developed its own monitoring method." The Secretary-General assured Ms Shayldabekova that assessments and conclusions ofthe Mission will be based onthe analysis ofthe country's electoral legislation and personal observations carried outby the members ofthe Mission aswell asfacts collected duringthe preparation forthe election and onthe election day itself."

Ms Shayldabekova informed the SCO Mission's delegation aboutthe work that the electoral commission had done toprepare and organise the presidential election. In particular, she noted that the election will be organised based ona new electoral model withnew modern innovative technologies (voting withbiometric data and automatic ballots). "The electoral system inthe country continues toimprove, and confidence inelections is the main goal ofKyrgyzstan's electoral reform. Our efforts are concentrated onstrengthening people's confidence inthe electoral system and the results ofthe election. In this context, we actively respond and resolve all issues related toelectoral procedure, including complaints and comments fromcitizens. In order toprovide high-quality organisation ofthe procedure, the Central Electoral Commission trained over23,000 members ofcommissions atall levels, aswell as4,750 members ofelectoral commissions who work asballot operators," the Chairperson said.

The head ofthe SCO observer mission praised the work ofthe Central Electoral Commission and also noted the high level ofits professional organisation, electoral materials and active discussion inthe media. "The SCO mission is planning tovisit asmany voting sites aspossible onthe election day aspart ofthe monitoring. All conclusions and results will be summarised inthe final document onthe monitoring work," Mr Alimov stressed.

The presidential election inKyrgyzstan will take place on15 October 2017, with11 candidates participating.

According tothe Central Electoral Commission, 3,025,768 voters are expected toparticipate inelection at2,375 polling sites, including 37 abroad.

The election will be monitored byinternational observers fromthe CIS, the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, the OSCE Office forDemocratic Institutions and Human Rights, the Council ofEurope's Parliamentary Assembly, the European Parliament and the European Commission. According tothe Central Electoral Commission, 771 observers from58 countries and 67 journalists fromforeign media were accredited forthe election.

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