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SCO in Todays World collection presented by TASS news agency
22.04.2019 12:58

The TASS news agency in Moscow held a presentation of the collection SCO in Todays World (2016-2018). The Shanghai Cooperation Organization in TASS Reports. The collection includes excerpts of addresses and speeches of SCO member states and other TASS materials about the Organization.

The presentation was attended by Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui, Rashid Alimov, who was the SCOs Secretary General in 2016-2018, TASS CEO Sergey Mikhaylov, the Russian Presidents special envoy for SCO affairs Bakhtier Khakimov, director of the Center of East Asian and SCO Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Alexander Lukin and head of the TASS office in China Andrey Kirillov.

The SCO has successfully completed its first expansion, held a summit in Qingdao and entered a new development stage, the Chinese ambassador said in his address. China is willing to cooperate with all the member states in order to make the most of the results of the Qingdao summit and promote the Organizations development.

The SCO has invariably followed the Shanghai spirit, and taken efforts to improve mutual trust in the political sphere and encourage cooperation in security, economics, humanitarian and other spheres, he emphasized. The collection includes first-hand information, he said. We hope that the leading mass media of China and Russia will continue expanding cooperation and covering the development of the SCO and relations between the member states, the diplomat concluded.

In 2016-2018, the SCO took on a new lease on life, having admitted such influential South Eastern nations as India and Pakistan, said Rashid Alimov, former SCO Secretary General. The SCO expanded its borders and received a powerful impetus for development. The SCO is the youngest dynamically developing trans-regional structure of international cooperation and security, he recalled, adding that the Qingdao summit marked a new era in the SCOs life.

In the last three years, the TASS news agency released about 7,500 news reports on the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Alimov said. The collection based on these reports has no analogues in the publishing history, he added. This is an innovative contribution of TASS to covering the SCOs multidimensional activities and to studying the establishment, development and contribution of the Organization to the building of a new type of international relations that embody mutual respect, justice, equality and mutually beneficial cooperation, and also shaping of a common vision of creating a human community of shared destiny, he said.

Mr Lukin, director of the Center of East Asian and SCO Studies, said that Tass played an important part in the development of the SCO, since information received from the agency was the main source of scientific studies. He shared his opinion about the convenience of such format for the academic community. Of course, you can find separate news items on the Internet. But when they are collected in one volume, it is convenient and makes it possible to study trends and various sides of a problem. This is very important, he said.

The CEO of TASS Sergey Mikhaylov said that the collection would definitely have a next installment. We will closely watch the Organizations development and our news feed will cover all developments in and around the SCO and in the Organizations member states, he said.

The authors of the collection believe that the book will be of interest not only to diplomats and experts in the area, but also to everyone interested in present-day international relations.

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