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16:35Phnom Penh
15:05Sri Dzhayavardenepura Kotte
Buryat State University student is the best in Mongolia
03.02.2009 09:34
Five-year student of the Oriental Faculty of Buryat State University (BSU) Altan Avdar Ireedui entered the top ten of Mongolia’s students. This prize is award to students that besides excellent studies, active participation in social and scientific life of their institutes of higher education, made a contribution to their country development.

As reported in BSO, organizers of the annual competition are the Mongolian Youth Association and the Fund of Young Managers. This year future lawyers, medics and other ranked among the best. In this list Ireedui is the only philologist and the only student from a foreign institute.

Altan Avdar Ireedui left the Mongolian-Russian joint school with a gold medal, and then entered the Ulan-Bator branch of BSU. On leaving it she arrived in Ulan-Ude, where she went to do further study. She is going to do postgraduate studies.
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