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SCO Countries MIA Heads Meeting Took Place in Yekaterinburg
20.05.2009 09:09
A session of the heads of law-enforcement authorities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization took place in Yekaterinburg.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Rashid Nurgaliev underlined that all adopted in Yekaterinburg decisions will be directed to prevention of crime and terroristic threats.

Upon resuming the meeting, Rashid Nurgaliev expressed confidence that all questions were considered constructively, and the discussions were sincere and effective. All the participants of the session agreed with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia. It was also noted that the decisions give an additional impetus to cooperation of all the SCO member states internal affairs bodies.

At press conference following the session, Rashid Nurgaliev noted a high level of mutual understanding between all the participants of the meeting, effectiveness of the elaborated and made decisions.

Thus, a wide range of the most burning questions was examined in the field of struggle against transnational crime. Among them — securing the protectability from criminal encroachments of gas and oil pipelines passing through the territory of the SCO member states, suppression of legalization of criminal money or other property, as well as formation of a reliable normative legal base of cooperation in law enforcement sphere.

“In the course of the discussion very serious questions were raised, of which the solution will subsequently provide the basis for effective cooperation between law-enforcement authorities of the SCO member states. They include creation of a single information centre with a generalized database, countermeasures to negative information spread through the Internet,” said Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. “The main conclusion is that,” Nurgaliev emphasized, “we must by joint efforts protect stability and security of the SCO member states, rights and freedoms of our citizens.”
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