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Practice Session of CSTO Youth Military Sports Formations Took Place In Kazakhstan
09.07.2009 13:07
In Katarkol Settlement of Akmolinskaya oblast, Kazakhstan, the III Soyuz 2009 International Practice Session of youth patriotic and military sports formation was summarized.

This large scale event within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization for the first time was held in Kazakhstan. Youth of preinduction age from Kirghizia, Russia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan took part in it. There are 8 teams altogether.

During ten days boys took part in military-applied kinds of sports – airgun fire, military tactical training, and fencing.

Following the session, in the team event young soldiers of the Noginsk military school became gold holders, the second position is hold by Russia’s team as well. And the Kazakhstanis came in a good third – alumni of the Sunkar military patriotic club from Stepnogorsk.
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