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16:28Phnom Penh
14:58Sri Dzhayavardenepura Kotte
Meeting of the Heads of the Counter-Narcotics Agencies of the SCO Countries
18.05.2009 15:08
Federal Service of the Russian Federation for the Control of Drug Trafficking is completing the preparation for the meeting of the heads of the SCO countries relevant agencies that will be held on May 19 in Moscow.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Secretary-General Bolat Nurgalijev confirmed his participation at the meeting, as well as the Organization member states delegations.

The progress of the implementation of the Agreement between the SCO member states (of June 17, 2004) on cooperation in struggle against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors will be considered at the meeting. On the agenda – assessment of the drug menace coming from the territory of Afghanistan, elaboration of single positions of cooperation with anti-narcotic structures of UN and other international organizations, improvement of cooperation between relevant authorities of the SCO countries in counternarcotic actions.

Approval of proposals for strengthening of counteraction to the drug menace coming from the territory of Afghanistan is expected following the results of discussions.

Besides, a meeting of experts of relevant authorities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries is planned to be held on May 17.
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